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St. Ambroise Provincial Park’s position in the Interlake Region makes it a paradise for birdwatchers, especially in the beginning of spring. Many migratory birds make a stop on the beach, including pelicans, warblers, and geese. There’s even a watchtower that gives a bird’s eye view of the park!


The flat waters of St. Ambroise’s beach makes it a perfect spot to do some windsurfing during the summer months.

St. Ambroise General Store

St. Ambroise’s local convenience store offers all the necessities for your stay, including gas, alcoholic beverages, firewood, ice, and propane.

Manipogo Golf & Country Club

Situated in St. Laurent in the Interlake region, Manipogo Golf & Country Club is a natural, spring-fed, 9-hole, 36 par golf course. The golf club also features a driving range, a practice green, and a licensed restaurant.

St. Laurent Métis Days

St. Laurent’s Métis Days is a festival that takes place during August long weekend that pays homage to the region’s Métis heritage. Here, you may savour many traditional Métis dishes like bannock and morels. Don’t miss the festival’s renowned truck race in the mud, also called the “Mud bogs”, which attracts hundreds of visitors from all over the province.

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